Keeping good staff is the “key” to lowering turnover. Demonstrating to each individual team member their importance to your team and your desire to see them better themselves produces loyalty and appreciation that goes a long way in keeping them long term and productive.


A.  Introduce to “all” current staff

Do this on their first day and acquaint them to the premises and basic processes (where to park, lunch times, rules and times of operation, etc.)


Beneficial Documents:

NEW HIRE List of Documents 


B. Development Plan #1 – Building a Relationship 

The purpose of this process is to get to know the New or Current staff person better and to let them get to know you as well.


Documents Required:

Building a Relationship Guide

Trimetrix DNA Mgt. Staff Report or TriMetrix DNA Sales Report


Other Beneficial Documents:

DISC Behavior Defined Basics

DISC Behavioral Selling Skills


C. Development Plan #2 – Developing an Effective Working Relationship 

The purpose of this process is to help the New or Current staff person improve their effectiveness on the job and assist you in managing them more effectively based on their needs.


Documents Required:

Developing an Effective Working Relationship Instructions

Developing an Effective Working Relationship Guide


D. Development Plan #3 – Maximizing Potential

The purpose of this program is to create an ongoing development plan for each staff member. It is to assist them in developing their areas of need that directly affect their effective completion of their position requirements.


Documents Required:

How to Create Development Plan #3

Free Website:

TriMetrix DNA Gap Sample Report


Other Beneficial Documents:

Competencies Definitions

Competencies Worksheet


E. Stress Quotient Assessment

Like using a thermometer to check your temperature and the health of your body, you can use this assessment to check the temperature of your staff and their satisfaction with your working conditions. A healthy atmosphere in your shop can lead to employee satisfaction and stop turnover.

Stress Quotient Brochure

Stress Extended Brochure

Stress Quotient Individual Report

Stress Quotient Group Report

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