This step focuses on how to find “qualified” candidates. By streamlining this process, you not only limit your time and frustration, but save money as well.


NOTE: As you proceed through this section, you will add to the Job Position Pre-Planning Form below. Additions will be in blue, but not underlined:


Job Position Pre-Planning Form


A.  Check your files for “Bench Strength” Applicants & Referrals

Those who previously applied (Applicant Tracking Program archives) and /or were a referral

 Add to: Job Position Pre-Planning Form Section 3 Page 4


B. Advertise the Position

Note: Your ads should be written in such way so as to screen out people who do not fit the position requirements. Below are some Job Description Summaries to help you draft your ad.


Consider numerous options:


Word of mouth (staff, friends, other service shops, etc.)

Internet Craigslist,,,,, and other online options.

Add to: Job Position Pre-Planning Form Section 3 Page 4 

Also consider: local avenues (newspapers, etc.), national industry periodicals, related educational training facilities (local trade schools, national trade schools (, etc.) as well related fields that have the same type of person needed (Ex. For Service Advisors, consider Customer Service Reps who have the personality fit and can be trained in the skills needed – Rental Car Sales Personnel etc.)


C.  Pre-Qualify Good Applicants


Phone Chat – To create questions for discussion, review the Job Description Summaries in STEP 1 PREPARE and review their Application and/or Resume.

Applicant Tracking System ($) Contact hireMAX for information on How to Step Up an Applicant Tracking Program


Beneficial Documents & Webinar

Applicant Tracking System Benefits

Applicant Tracking Pre-Screen Questions


BERKE Assessment ($) – Personality, Cognitive Abilities, Integrity & Skills 


Berke Overview      Job Fit Report


Orion Pre-Screen “Attitude” Assessment ($) – Measures a candidate’s attitude towards: tardiness, absenteeism, drugs, theft, supervision, long-term employment, customer service, safety & trainability.


Orion Brochure      PE3ST-CS Sample Report

Background Check


Background Check – Special Package      Background Checks All Options


D.   Determine final candidates to be interviewed & Give them instructions for completing a TriMetrix DNA Assessment ($)


TriMetrix DNA Brochure     TriMetrix DNA Mgt/Staff Report

TriMetrix DNA Sales Report

Create a TriMetrixDNA GAP Report. This will be used to select the best “fit” candidates for the interview and target specific areas in the interview. (No Charge – Included with the Individual Report above)

TriMetrix DNA Gap Sample Report

Add to: Job Position Pre-Planning Form Section 4 Page 5

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