This step helps determine the need for a new hire, what a superior performer will look like, what it will cost and the process for finding them.  You have to know “who” you are looking for in order to find them. Not just their experience and skills, but who they are as well.
NOTE: As you proceed through this section, you will add to the Job Position Pre-Planning Form below. Additions will be in BLUE, but not underlined:


CREATE:  Job Position Pre-Planning Form


A. Write or Review a Detailed Job Description

The Job Description is a core document necessary for defining what your expectations are for a successful completion of the Job. It is also needed for designing an effective ad, benchmark for new hires, development plan for new hires and more.


Sample Job Descriptions

A Tech Job Description (Long Version)

General Manager Job Description (Long Version)

Service Advisor Job Description (Long Version)

A Tech Master Job Description Summary

General Manager Job Description Summary

Service Advisor Job Description Summary


Helpful Documents

Recommended Programs: Descriptions Now (Amazon)    Insperity

Job Descriptions Why Are They Important

Job Description Template

How To Write Great Job Descriptions

How to Write A Killer Job Description


B. Determine Job Position Benefits & Applicant Requirements 

This document will be completed by sections throughout the PAHR process for all jobs within your organization. Once completed, it will provide a one-time action that can be used for all future hires for any given position with only perhaps minor changes. (Should be completed for each position in the organization)

Add to: Job Position Pre-Planning Form Section 1 Pages 1-2

(Add “Summary” of Job Description above to it also)


C. Create an Assessment Job Benchmark for the Position

It is helpful to know how to clone a current excellent employee before you lose them! It also would be helpful to capture the expectations of the Owner/Manager as to what their expectations are for a superior performer. These are what creating a good Job Benchmark can do for you. The two recommended programs below can help you do it.

Add to: Job Position Pre-Planning Form Section 2 Page 3

Helpful Documents

Job Benchmarking Made Simple

Key Accountabilities Worksheet


BERKE – Measures Personality, Cognitive Talents, Integrity, Typing

       Create Job Benchmark ($)     For most all positions

Berke Overview   Job Report Sample  


TTI TriMetrix DNA – Measures Competencies, Motivators & Behaviors

       Create Job Benchmark ($)     For most all positions

Job Brochure   TriMetrix DNA MR Job Report  

Other options – visit our ATTRACT section:


D. Write Job Ad

Writing a good job ad is your first opportunity to attract superior performers and weeding out bad hires, so spending time on creating a good one. The EEOC even considers it a test because it is screening out applicants.

Add to: Job Position Pre-Planning Form Section 4 Page 3

Sample job ads:

A Tech Ad Samples

Service Advisor Ad Samples

General Manufacturing (This creative ad created a over 100 applicants in a week)


Helpful Documents

EMyth Sample Job Posting Guide

EMyth Job Posting Template


E. Define Attraction Plan “He who fails to plan, plans to fail!”

Having all of the above is for naught, if you cannot find good applicants.

Add to: Job Position Pre-Planning Form Section 3 Page 4

Determine ad placement & frequency (Craigslist, Indeed, Simply Hire, etc.)

Set Up Applicant Tracking Program ($): ATS Benefits

Craft alternative recruiting channels (compile a list: social media, networking groups, etc.)

Consider employee recruiting incentive models (e.g. internal employee referrals with a time requirement)

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