PAHR – Step #2:Attract”

This step focuses on how to find “qualified” candidates. By streamlining this process, you not only limit your time and frustration, but save money as well.


Task 1:

Check your files for “Bench Strength” Applicants & Referrals

A good Applicant Tacking Program can archive previous applicants for easy access in the future.

Task 2:

Advertise the Position

(Remember – Applicants are looking at you too!) A good ad is worth spending time creating. It can screen out people by what you say, so make sure it is true and applies to the job (The EEOC considers ads a test because they screen out people) Consider:, and other online options.

Task 3:

Pre-Screen Good Applicants with Online Programs

Most Applicant Tracking Programs offer the option to add “Knock Out” questions that screen applicants and save you a lot of time. These questions relate to critical factors such as: Degree, Years of Experience, Hard Skills, etc. that a person “must have” to be acceptable for your next step.

Task 4:

Pre-Screen with a Phone Chat before formal meeting

Task 5:

Pre-Screen with Tests & Assessments

Some tests are pre-validated to a specific type of job and others a validated to measure critical factors needed in a position. Below are several a options: Pre-Validated to a Specific Job / Careers SELECT – Strength: General Careers. Measures attitude towards specific jobs and can add some skill sets as well as counter-productive behaviors and provides an “Avoid” score and specific interview questions.

SALESMAX – Strength: Specific to Sales. Measure Sales Skills, Motivators & Personality with an “Avoid” score and interview questions.

Pre-Validated to Measure Critical Factors ASSESS – Strength: Professional Roles. Measures personality type and relates it to numerous competencies and offers templates to over 70 specific careers. Skills can be added as well. It provides an excellent built in interview process. Avoid score can be validated for a cost.

TTI TriMetrix – Strength: Most all job careers. Create your own Job Report with interview questions tailored to your organization and match candidates to it “apples to apples”. TriMetrix equals 3 measurements and you can mix and match areas. Basic 2 areas: 12 Behaviors (DISC Personality) and Motivators (12 Driving Forces) add 3rd area of your choice: DNA (23 Competencies), Emotional Quotient (EQ), or ACI (Business Acumen).

Berke – Strength: Most all jobs. Create your own Job Report tailored to your organization and match candidates to it “apples to apples”. Measures Personality Traits, Cognitive Abilities, Integrity and Typing. Mix and Match. Provides a “Job Fit” and an interview tailored to the candidate.

ORION – Strength: Most all General Jobs. Measures attitude towards counterproductive behaviors: Supervision, Work and Tardiness, Drugs, Theft, Customer Service, Safety, Trainability and Long Term Employment.

Task 6:

Complete a Background Check (Options)

Contact us and we can recommend an excellent provider at a discount.

Task 7:

Determine final candidates to be interviewed.

(Then go to Step #3 Hire)

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