BERKE tailors personality traits, cognitive abilities, skills and integrity to your position.

Berke Works Using Three Simple Steps

Create Your Own Test

Berke is a new kind of assessment that measures personality, intelligence, and skill. It helps managers decide who to interview and who to hire. Berke provides crystal clear, actionable information.

The Areas Measured

Berke measures a number of key personality traits and natural talents that can have a dramatic impact on job performance. In all jobs it takes the right combination of both personality and talent to be successful.

  • Personality Traits describe a person’s habit or preference in interpersonal situations. A strong preference for working with others or a strong preference for order and predictability are examples of personality traits.
  • Cognitive Talents are inborn or hardwired abilities. Talents make it easy for some people to think through a complicated problem logically or easy for others to come up with a quick and immediate solution to a problem.

While many commercially available instruments measure personality, Berke is unique in its analysis of both personality and talent. The resulting report provides a robust and strikingly insightful snapshot of an individual, particularly when compared to the personality traits and talents required by a given position.

Berke Measures 14 Key Applicant Traits

Emotional Intensity
Social Adaptability

Idea Productivity
Logical Problem Solving
Rapid-Fire Problem Solving
Spatial Visualization

Why Berke Is Chosen Over Other Top Preforming Assessments

Job Specific

Berke measures the fit between an applicant and your specific position. To create a job profile, you can provide a detailed description of the position or we can conduct a job benchmark study by assessing your organization’s current employees.

Personality and Talents

Berke is among the few commercially available assessments that measure both personality and cognitive talents in the same integrated instrument.


Strength of Fit

Berke enables you to objectively measure the strength of fit between a person and a job at your company.



Berke can be integrated with virtually any web-based system that supports open design principles. This means that candidate fit data from Berke can make your current HR systems even more powerful.

Ease of Use

Berke reports are designed for managers. They are written in plain English and require zero training to understand and interpret and use.


And More...

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