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Three Ways Leaders Can Become Influencers

John Maxwell famously says, “Leadership is Influence.” Those who can effectively influence others are acting as leaders. But are all methods of influence appropriate for leaders? I may influence your decisions by giving you false or misleading information—is that kind...

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The Costly Gift of Employee Feedback

“I will not offer a gift that costs me nothing.” The biblical story of King David tells of a time when one of his subjects offered to freely give him the wood and oxen for a sacrificial offering to God (2 Samuel 24:24). David refused because a gift that did not cost...

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Leveraging Your Strengths

Donald Clifton of the Gallup organization helped the world to realize that we get a greater return from developing our strengths than from trying to fix our weaknesses. That’s a powerful insight that shifts the focus for leadership development: emphasize your...

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Using DISC for Your Virtual Team

How do you build team spirit if you are not physically in the same space? According to a 2015 Gallup study, 37% of employees report having worked remotely. Technology allows us to do business from a home office, a hotel room, or anywhere there is cell service or...

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How to Identify the Right Candidate for the Job

“That’s part of our problem right there. We don’t have any Implementers.”   I was sitting with the president reviewing graphs of his managers during the hiring process. Most of the sections around the group wheel had at least one employee in them: a couple of...

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Coaching Employees for Success

You’ve probably noticed the trend towards mentoring and coaching employees.   In my work, I see more and more companies moving away from employee evaluations and towards a coaching/mentoring model. Instead of rating everyone on a 5-point scale, leaders are looking for...

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How to Build Trust on Your Team

When we launched the Stress Quotient last year to identify and measure stress at work, we learned that many people wrestle with trust issues on their teams.   Trust is like the oil that lubricates the moving parts of a machine. When trust is present on a team, wheels...

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Where the Best Sales People Find their Energy

Einstein famously showed the world that Energy was equal to Mass times the Speed of Light squared (E = MC ² ). So if you took a unit of mass (say, a sales guy) and accelerated him to the square of light speed, would he become pure energy? We also know from physics...

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Quit Hiring People Who Can’t Sell

Sitting across the table, the CEO looked me in the eye and said, “My dad wasted a lot of money on assessments trying to find people who could sell. In our business, what I’ve learned is that about 2% of the people you hire can really sell. The rest can’t. The only way...

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