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The Leadership Theory That’s NOT About Leaders

This week I had the incredible privilege of spending a day with 10 highly successful leaders, all of whom had come to present their “Secret Sauce.” I got such positive feedback on what I shared that one of the leaders said, “You need to write this up into a blog right...

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How to Lead Through Others (Part 2 of 2)

In an effective “leading through others” conversation, you are communicating with a direct report with the expectation that they will exercise their own legitimate leadership role to get something done further down in the org chart. Here are the 3rd and 4th key...

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How to Lead Through Others (Part 1 of 2)

You’re a leader, so you care about everything that is going on in your organization. Inevitably, you’re going to see or hear about something a few layers down that you don’t like. In fact, you really want it done differently. How can you exercise your leadership...

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Hiring and Keeping Good Employees

Employers today are caught between the proverbial “rock and a hard place”. They need more qualified personnel to do some of the most basic of tasks but the labor pool is tight and qualified personnel are limited. Many employers have resorted to hiring bodies in hopes...

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What Leaders Want

‘Fess up. When you saw Mel Gibson in the movie, “What Women Want,” you laughed and thought some of it was too true. Now that we all know what women want <cough>, it’s time to ask what leaders want…in their executive coach. In my last post I explained the top 5...

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Why I Hired a Coach This Year (Should You?)

Last fall I smacked up against a hard reality: there was a core piece of my business that I did not know how to do. For several months, I really resisted hiring a coach. I had several “good” reasons to keep going on my own. First, I had already invested four years in...

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