Decipher behavior and understand communication styles with DISC


DISC is the most widely used behavioral assessment tool, customized for leadership, sales teams and individuals.


Defines Unique Behaviors

DISC Behavioral Assessments help respondents understand how they project themselves to different people and guide them in leveraging behavior for success.

Easy Application in the Workplace

DISC Behavioral Assessments are intuitive and easy to complete. To enhance availability, assessments are accessible from any computer or any device at any time.

Personalized Reporting

The detailed narrative report includes a full DISC behavioral style analysis and action steps.

Become a Certified Professional Behavior Analyst in DISC

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DISC Personalized Behavior Reports Deliver Valuable Information


General Characteristics

The individual’s preferred work style based on natural behavior

Value to the Organization

The individual’s contributing behaviors beneficial to the organization


How the individual views his/herself and how others view the individual

Adapted Style

Characteristics of the individual’s current adapted style

Areas for Improvement

The individual’s possible limitations identify areas for development

Checklist for Communicating

How others can effectively communicate with the individual

Don’ts on Communicating

What others should avoid when communicating with the individual


Words that portray the individual based the four quadrants of behavior

Keys to Motivating

The individual’s wants provide the means for motivation in the workplace

Action Plan

The individual creates a customized plan based on the results of the report

Communication Tips

How the individual can adapt his/her own communication to other styles

Ideal Environment

The individual’s preferred work atmosphere

Natural & Adapted Style

A four-quadrant comparison of the natural and adapted style

Keys to Managing

The individual’s needs provide the essential areas managers must address

Behavioral Hierarchy

The individual’s behavior style ranked within twelve common workplace areas
DISC Behavior Assessment

Overview of the Four Basic DISC Styles

Understanding your DISC Behavioral Style and those of your team, empowers you to tailor your social interactions and bridge potential personality conflicts.


How a person prefers to handle Problems and Challenges in life


How a person prefers to influence People to their point of view


How a person prefers the Pace of their environment


How a person adheres to Rules and Procedures of the environment

DISC Provides a Visual Representation of Behavior Styles

DISC Reports visually represent natural and adapted behavioral styles and the degree to which individuals adapt their behavior.

The Success Insights Wheel measures the results among the eight core behavioral style made up of the original four elements of DISC.


Comparing a Candidate to the Job Needs

Based upon the needs of a role, DISC matches candidates to jobs identifying the candidate’s main personality features.

Determining Group Success Factors

Identify the strengths, weaknesses, problem-solving abilities, communication preferences and potential areas for conflict within each of the behavioral styles.

Revealing a Team Makeup

Team Behavioral Reports reveal the behavioral makeup of the entire team to optimize the utilization of individual strengths.
DISC Behavior Assessment


White Papers

Decoding DISC Assessment Results

Quickly understand the DISC behaviors, associated characteristics, and tips for communication.

What's Inside Top Sales Performers

Research studies of top salespeople confirm that top sales performance can be predicted.

Team Behavioral Report

Team Behavioral Reports not only defines team dynamics but also guides team members to leverage behavioral knowledge.

Identifying the Right Candidate for the Job

Would you hire a salesperson who scored low on drive and initiative? Know what to look for.

What Sets TTI DISC Assessments Apart?

TTI Success Insights provides behaviors assessments that are unique and superior.

Why do Leadership Experts Recommend DISC?

Top leadership regularly talk about the critical importance of building trust, creating clarity & building teams.


Case Studies

360 Surveys "Defanged" Executive

Behavioral Assessment helped president completely transform and regain the respect of his fellow executives.

Improve Team Dynamics and Collaboration

Behavioral Assessment improved relationships among the team and positively affecting the bottom line.

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