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The first part of the hireMAX equation is all about finding the very BEST people. We help you identify the BEST by first defining the job and describing characteristics of the person who would best FIT that job. Then we test and assess your candidates to predict top performers.    Learn More!


Hiring is only half the equation. To bring out the best in your people, we MAXimize the leadership performance of your top executives and management team. When you hire the RIGHT people and then LEAD, develop, and support those people, amazing things happen.  Learn More!


After working with Dr. Shero for six months, our person experienced a significant increase in awareness of his strengths and abilities, in particular how these affect his work environment.  His productivity and job satisfaction have improved significantly.
Brian Bird, Christ Fellowship

“hireMAX assisted our management team in improving our communication and teamwork with each other. We learned a lot about ourselves and each other which has improved our productivity!” 

-Julie Bucek, Leaman Container

“hireMAX helped us hit this one out of the park! hireMAX delivered as promised. The insight their process provided validated our choices and also gave us critical insight in the candidates we considered. Going through this process built trust with our stakeholders. All of their work was spot on.”

A company president wrote following a successful executive selection process for 3 VP-level positions.  

“I learned about my teammates styles and how to appreciate them more by understanding where they’re coming from. As a result of this workshop, more people in my office are taking time to connect with others on a more personal level. Working with hireMAX was a worthwhile investment!”

-Jennifer Silva, following a Leadership Profiles and Teamwork Building workshop

“Norm is a very motivating person…I have attended many classes and seminars that Norm has taugh. I have left every one of these sessions very uplifted,”

-Donnie Andrus, Michelin Tire Company

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