Management Team Development

Do any of these statements describe your experience?

  • I’m the only one around here who seems to be thinking about the whole business!
  • Everyone is running 90 mph in different directions.
  • If I want it done right, I’ve got to do it myself.
  • Multiple meetings throughout the week, every week, with 1-2 people each.
  • We tried implementing teams, but it was a disaster.


If you resonated with any of these statements, it could be that your direct reports are not really functioning as a management team. You may have some really good people, but if you are not united and pulling together, then your business can quickly get out of control because you are out of bandwidth.


Symptoms of an out-of-control business include:

  • President/CEO/Owner working more and more hours but always feeling behind.
  • Saying things over and over but feeling like no one is listening or responding.
  • Direct reports complaining that they don’t know what’s going on.
  • CEO acting as mediator-in-chief to put out fires and conflicts between staff members.
  • Fatigue, stress, and loss of joy



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We can help you get a real management team in place. Sometimes, that means re-structuring and making hard decisions that you’ve been putting off. Other times, it means re-directing managers into a cohesive unit. But at this level, you can’t afford to make mistakes. We’ll work with you to build a winning team that works with you, not just for you.

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