Leadership and Team Development

There are two essential ingredients in the performance equation:

  1.  hiring the right people
  2. developing good leadership

Consider these two mismatched performance equations:



Underage Driver   +   Ferrari   =   Wrecked Car


Nascar Champ   +   Pinto   =   Painfully Slow Lap Times


But what if you could have the Ferrari and the NASCAR champion? Then you would leave the competition in the dust and set new performance records.

The hire side of hireMAX gets the right people into the right seats. The MAX side of hireMAX develops your leadership so that you can get the most out of those people.

Without the MAX, your awesome people are riding around in a Pinto. The really good ones will get frustrated and get out–they want a race car because they want to win. Good people want good leadership.


MAX - making the best people better

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