Orion Systems

Pre-Employment Applicant Assessment

Are you frustrated with…

arrow Employees constantly showing up late to work

arrow Dealing with and worrying about employee theft

arrow High turn-over rates

arrow Employee drug use

arrow Employees that will not follow company policy

arrow Poor work habits

Hiring the right people depends on what you know about them. Finding out what you need to know before you hire someone is challenging, time-consuming and expensive, not to mention the legal issues. Despite our best efforts, hiring often becomes guesswork. Orion applicant screenings give you a quick snap-shot of someone’s work-related attitudes, attitudes that lead to on-the-job behavior, behavior that either boosts or shrinks profits. Don’t wait until its too late.

An applicant’s Orion Profile includes four sections. Each section includes information vital to hiring the best applicant.


Validity Level

Measure the applicants ability to accept direction and follow policy and procedures.


Learn how well your applicant values the workplace and teamwork.


Attitude Scales

See how permissive your applicant’s attitudes are toward illegal workplace drug use.

Workplace Theft

Explore the likelihood your applicant will rationalize workplace theft and cheating.

Pre-Employment Assessment Package

Which pre-employment assessment package has the surveys you need?


Orion System

White Papers

Do Applicant Assessments Really Matter?

Everyone assesses or tests new hires. You either do it before you hire or after.


Orion Opinion Survey Management Training

Help management understand how to interpret the survey results.


Orion Pre-Employment Assessment Features

Orion survey functionality provide a quick snap-shop of your applicants.


Hiring to Keep Good Employees Happy

Bad employees can have a major effect on your good workers.


Orion System

Case Studies

Reducing Safety Costs

Help management understand how to interpret the survey results.


Ending Unexplained Losses

Working with a national retailer to reduce accidents, injuries, liability and compensation claims.


Increasing Employee Retention

A large retailer with more than 500 stores came to Orion with two problems.


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