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Four Step Process

What Is The PAHR Process?

PAHR is a 4 step process that we developed to help organizations improve their hiring processes and increase their hiring and retention success. By implementing the entire process, we believe an organization can streamline and simplify their hiring and development processes more effectively. Throughout the sample process below you will find options for you to use in your organization. Some free and some with a cost. The cost items will have a green ($) sign by them.

NOTE: The SAMPLE PROCESS below was created for an Automotive Service Shop Association so their members could access the process. The sample below is not the robust program they had, but a simplified version of it. We can re-create the demo site specific to your needs with much more options and features. ($) quoted

STEP 1: “PREPARE” to Hire

This step helps determine the need for a new hire, what a superior performer will look like, what it will cost and the process for finding them.  You have to know “who” you are looking for in order to find them. Not just their experience and skills, but who they are...

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