What do four Malcolm Baldridge Award winning companies have in common? They all used the same process management framework to achieve organizational excellence recognized by the United States Congress.

You can use the same tool to lead your business to excellence and profitability. Even if you don’t have a Baldridge Award in your crosshairs, the same principles and processes that lead to national recognition also lead to greater productivity, employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and bottom line strength.


Developed and refined through implementation in dozens of organizations over the past 30 years, POST is a management tool and process that enables leaders to:

  • clearly communicate organizational goals and direction
  • build and maintain accountability with direct reports
  • link vision and strategy all the way down and through the organization
  • identify responsible parties and cut out blame-shifting
  • convert dusty binders of strategic planning into weekly action and communication
  • eliminate performance reviews
  • drive employee engagement

What is POST?

  • Purpose
  • Objective
  • Strategy
  • Tracking


POST drives alignment across four key organizational areas:

Strategy – Finance – Human Resources – Operations

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