What would the impact be on your business if you could

easily Hire the BEST and AVOID the REST?

Quickly Filter Candidates

Do you have too many applications to choose from for each position? Save your time by using this fair, straight-forward, and low-cost solution to filter the good from the undesirable.

SELECT With Confidence

An interview conducted by an untrained interviewer is as effective as flipping a coin. The wrong choice can lead to high job turnover, wasted time and disruption.

Reduce Turnover

According to conservative estimates, the cost of turnover often exceeds 25% of an employee’s annual salary plus 25% of their benefits (Saratoga Institute).

Pre-Screen SELECT allows you to avoid bad hires and only interview high potential employees

Pre-Screen SELECT was developed by organizational psychologists to help you focus the interview on those candidates with the greatest potential to be productive & successful. Additionally, SELECT helps you avoid candidates who do not measure up to the job (poor performance, unreliable).

SELECT has been validated for a wide range of specific jobs and industries from healthcare to retail sales.

Administrative Support
Personal Services
Service Associates

Bank Service & Sales Staff
Bank Branch Managers
(Bank & Grocery)

Convenience Store Associates
Convenience Store Management

Retail Clerks/Cashiers
Retail Sales Associates
Retail Store Management

Health Care (up to Nurses)

Sales Associates
Leasing Agents

Customer Service
Call Centers In & Out Bound
Help Desk Agents

Light Industrial

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