PAHR – Step #1:Prepare”

This step helps determine the need for a new hire, what a superior performer will look like, what it will cost and the process for finding them.  You have to know “what” you are looking for in order to find it.

  • Some of the items in this process can be used at no cost. If you have some ideas that may be of benefit to others, share them with us and we will consider adding them to the site so that others can benefit from them too!
  • Other areas in this process can be purchased. Most of them are too big to provide all the options available or for us to give full samples of it. Contact us and we will be happy to send your more information for your areas of interest.


Task 1:

Create a Job Position


Pre-Planning Form for each position (download)

Task 2:

Define the Job!


In order to find the great employee you are looking for, you must know “what” they look like! Determine what “critical factors” will be needed to make a person a success in the job. This process will also aid you in creating a job description and ads for recruitment.

NOTE: Be sure and see Step #2 Attract for usage with candidates!


The Berke Job Assessment – Measurement options: Personality Traits, Cognitive Abilities, Integrity & Skills

TTI Job Benchmarking – Measurement options: Competencies (DNA), Motivators (12 Driving Forces), DISC (12 Behaviors), Emotional Quotient (EQ), Business Acumen

Task 3:

Write or Review Job Description


Good Website:

Task 4:

Write job ad and define attraction plan


(See Pre-Planning Form Task 1.)

Task 5:

Determine ad placement & frequency


(Option: Applicant Tracking System Benefits)

Task 6:

Craft alternative recruiting channels


(compile a list: social media, networking groups, etc.)

Task 7:

Consider employee recruiting incentive models


(e.g. internal employee referrals with a time requirement)

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