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Norm Bobay, founder & president of hireMAX, launched Life Perspectives International (LPI) in 1991 in Fort Wayne, IN. LPI offered management testing & development programs and candidate pre-screening services nationwide. They developed The Total Salesperson Profile measuring 3 key areas of sales: Skills, Behaviors & Motivations. hireMAX was built on the foundation on hiring the right people and then treating people right. In 2004 hireMAX moved to Fort Worth, TX. They have served such companies as Ambassador Steel, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cabela’s, DuPont Hospital, Kelley Automotive Group, McDonald’s Corp., SunCom Wireless, Western Newspapers, and more in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Philippines, and Canada. hireMAX expanded its offerings to become an employer advocate for assessments, creating customized solutions based on client needs rather than insisting on one particular assessment.

hireMAX offers full employment life-cycle services including:

  • hiring & selection
  • employee development
  • leadership training


What’s in a name?

The first part of the hireMAX equation is all about finding the very BEST people for the job. The MAX side is all about treating your employees’ right and leading them to bring out their best performance.

hireMAX  =  hire the right people  +  MAXimize their performance

For more information on the history of hireMAX and to read about some of our historic milestones, click here.

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