(full day)


  • Behavior
  • Motivators
  • Core Competencies


  • Self-aware leaders
  • Team-awareness
  • Better communication, mutual understanding

Resolution Skills 

(half day)


  • Recognizing Good & Bad Conflict
  • Skills for Defusing Passive/Aggressive Behavior
  • How to Fight Fair


  • No more walking on eggshells
  • Shoot the elephants in the room–not the people
  • Creativity, innovation, and initiative (Yes, these are related to conflict!)

Rx for
Workplace Stress



  • Seven Sources of Workplace Stress
  • Signs and Symptoms of Stress
  • Organizational Stress Thermometer


  • Recognize sources of stress and target efforts to reduce it
  • Clear the air and resolve tension
  • Focus, Concentration, and a Happier Atmosphere

Strata Leadership:
Character-based Leadership & Organizational Development

Strata workshops can be delivered in one of three formats: 100-minutes for general employees, half-day for managers, or full-day for C-suite or Senior Management Teams.

Dr. Phillip Shero (EVP, hireMAX) and Dr. Nathan Mellor (CEO, Strata Leadership) forged a relationship of mutual respect and friendship over 20 years ago. Both have focused their professional work around leadership development and building healthy organizations. In 2015, that relationship extended to their respective companies. Strata has invested heavily in developing the world’s best character-based training, now used in thousands of organizations around the world. hireMAX is proud to be licensed and authorized to deliver the most popular Strata courses.

Setting & Reaching Goals

Setting goals is one thing…developing a strategy, getting everyone on board, and reaching those goals takes a lot more thought and effort. This training program will help you walk through the process of determining what you want to achieve and how you plan to get there.

Learn How To…

  • Identify “big picture” goals and specific steps you can take to reach them
  • Communicate your expectations so you lead your team
  • Design a working plan to implement your goals and the goals of your organization
  • Implement goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely

Download the Setting & Reaching Goals Course Description

Building Trust

How would you rate the level of trust in your organization? Do you feel like you could improve in this area? Would you like to build a more cooperative and supportive work environment?

Trust is one of the key ingredients to building a healthy and successful organization. Without trust, every project takes longer and the organization suffers.

Learn How To…

  • Define trust and explain its importance to your team
  • Identify common reasons people don’t trust one another
  • Build healthy attitudes that foster trust and teamwork
  • Evaluate your options when trust is broken
  • Walk through the steps of reconciliation

Download the Building Trust Course Description

Building Teamwork

Could your organization benefit by having better teamwork? Are you looking for ways to create a more positive and engaging culture? Do you want to strengthen workplace relationships, improve communication, and foster creativity?

Learn How To…

  • Identify what causes a lack of teamwork
  • Recognize traits of positive and resilient organizations
  • Evaluate the level of teamwork in your organization
  • Reinforce positive values that promote unity and cooperation
  • Develop a trusting team with clear goals, guidelines, expectations, and encouragement

Download the Building Teamwork Course Description

Communication & Listening Skills

Could your organization benefit from improved communication? Is the lack of communication slowing you down, hindering progress, or resulting in needless mistakes?

Learn How To…

  • Refine your verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Present yourself more effectively as a leader
  • Ask better questions in order to get better answers
  • Bridge generational differences in communication

Download the Communication & Listening Skills Course Description

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