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Talent Management Solutions


Providing Tests, Assessments
and Services Since 1991

Reduce Turnover Rates

High turnover rates will cost your organization money and disrupt synergy. Ensure that your next hire is the right fit.

Increase Policy Adherence

Identify and avoid hires that won’t adhere to your organization’s policies and possibly create dangerous situations.

Quickly Filter Applicants

Don’t drown in resumes. hireMAX has fair, straight-forward, and low-cost solutions to filter the good from the undesirable.

Avoid Bad Hires

A variety of tools that will help you avoid candidates who do not measure up to the job (poor performance, unreliable).

Hire the Best People and maximize performance with Talent Management Solutions

Talent Management Simplified

The first part of the hireMAX equation is all about finding the very BEST people for the job. The MAX side is all about treating your employees’ right and leading them to bring out their best performance.


Identify Top Sales


Reduce Turnover and
Select With Confidence


Know Your Applicants
Before They’re Hired


Identify Candidates For
Professional Positions


Define the Job
and Match the Candidate


Measure Both Personality
and Talent

Save time, discover talent and MAXimize performance!

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