Help us celebrate our 25th Anniversary by checking out these cool facts and historic milestones!

Remember when?

  • Assessments used to be completed with pen & paper and faxed or on a single code-locked computer (and stored on floppy discs!). Today, all our assessments are available online.
  • Early assessments described people with bullet points and short phrases. They had to be hand-checked for accuracy by PhD psychologists. Now, complex algorithms produce amazingly accurate narrative reports as soon as you click “done”.
  • Assessments used to be one-size-fits-all, but now instruments have been validated to different positions so that the insights are more specific to the job context: bank tellers, outbound call centers, nurses and healthcare workers, sales associates, store managers, and many more.

How we started…

Motivation for launching: As a manager in the late 1980s, Norm was distressed to see how often employees were mistreated. He wanted to find a way to help companies do a better job of taking care of their people. hireMAX was built on the foundation on hiring the right people and then treating people right.

What’s in a name? 

The first part of the hireMAX equation is all about finding the very BEST people for the job. The MAX side is all about treating your employees right and leading them to bring out their best performance.

hireMAX  =  hire the right people  +  MAXimize their performance

Cool Facts (click!)
  • Early adopter of the Internet. We’ve had a website since 1995—the same year the word “Internet” was created.
  • Check out this screen shot from the Wayback Machine showing our homepage in 1998!
  • A semi-pro basketball season claims our assessments turned their season around and led them to a league championship!
  • Once set up 70 telecom stores with their own assessments and reporting websites in a single day!
  • We have assessments in 40 languages (hireMAX helped get one translated into Chinese!).
  • We think it’s pretty cool that we’ve had the opportunity to serve clients in Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Philippines, and Canada.
  • Several clients have stayed with us for over 20 years. They say it’s because of our over-the-top customer service.


Blooper Reel:

Once Norm was speaking in a hotel meeting room just off of a bar. Tons of people squeezed into the small room, and the organizers had to set his podium right in front of the restroom doors. Everytime people from the bar wanted to use the restroom, Norm had to move the podium for them to go in and then again when they came out!

1991    Norm attended a speaker’s convention and took a DISC assessment and was really impressed. He found it so accurate that he knew it would help managers lead their people to stronger performance. 1991    hireMAX started as Life Perspectives International in Fort Wayne, IN. Initial offerings included management testing, leadership development programs, and candidate pre-screening services delivered nationwide. 1992    LPI was quite the success! After attending his first TTI Conference in 1992, Norm Bobay developed his own product: The Total Salesperson Profile measuring candidate’s sales skills, behaviors, and success drivers.Total Sales Persons Profile1994    Went through tough time and nearly closed the business. But after prayer, Norm felt that God was telling him not to give up. Soon after, at a local trade show, he connected with a CPA firm and began serving their clients with assessments and people intelligence. 1995    hireMAX gets a website and bypasses clunky physical systems to deliver assessments online.
Texas or Bust
2004    After building a nationwide client base, hireMAX moved to Fort Worth, TX and began to serve larger companies such as Ambassador Steel, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cabela’s, DuPont Hospital, Kelley Automotive Group, McDonald’s Corp., SunCom Wireless, Western Newspapers, and more. 2005    Added consulting services to deliver unique solutions from multiple providers. Instead of marketing assessments from only one developer, we’ve curated a library of instruments designed to assess people from hourly employees to C-Suite executives in multiple industries. Our developers are the best in the business! 2007    The Recession brings a huge hiring slowdown, but hireMAX survives by diversifying services and finding affordable solutions to meet clients’ needs. 2009    Focusing on customer service and providing the best assessments for clients, Norm was awarded Consultant of the Year by TTI Performance Systems (out of 3,500 distributors). 2012    Developed the comprehensive PAHR Hiring Process for selecting the best employees for the position from job description to onboarding and retention. 2013    Began serving 100+ shops in the auto service industry. 2014    Dr. Phillip Shero joined the team to focus on the MAX side, bringing executive coaching, leadership consulting, and organizational development services to hireMAX clients. 2015    Stacia Fortenbery, our social media maven, came on board to help us grow a larger community of people-focused leaders online. 2016    Our Vision at hireMAX is to see companies where people love their jobs and leaders enjoy their people.

We look forward to helping you accomplish much more in the years to come and growing the relationships that matter most. Thank you for being a part of our journey so far!

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Dr. Shero believes that leadership can be learned and that the best organizations intentionally develop leadership at every level. Leaders have the privilege of influencing other human lives for the better. That's why Phillip cares so much about learning to lead well and helping others do the same.

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