PAHR – Step #3: “Hire”

In this step, emphasis is placed on how to interview final candidates effectively and determine the best candidate for the position. This process goes beyond the typical interview that sees the obvious in resumes and experience and delves into the internal factors critical to success.


Task 1:

Create your interview and scoring process.


Can be tailored to your organizational needs and measurements.


Task 2:

Interview and Score Final Candidates


  • Start the interview by asking some general knowledge: Background Experience, Technical Skills and Knowledge. Also ask what they know about your organization and the job they are applying for. This lets you know their view of your organization, the industry and the position they are applying for.
  • Ask specific questions in the areas of concern from the Interview Guide and score each area on the above scoring forms.
  • Total the score on your Interview Scoring Forms

Task 3:

Contact Referrals and References


Take Notes to add to your summary.

Task 4:

Making the Hiring Decision



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