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Prepare, Attract, Hire & Retain

PAHR (we call it the Boston pronunciation of PAR) is a 4 step process that we developed to help organizations improve their hiring processes and increase their hiring and retention success. Since 1991 our services and assessment options have been constantly evolving. In 2013 we decided to create a process that captures most of what our company has to offer and give our clients choices they can make to fit their different needs. But by implementing the entire process, we believe an organization can streamline and simplify their hiring and development processes more effectively. Throughout the hire section of our web site you will find options for you to use in your organization. Some free and some with a cost.


Step #1: “Prepare” –
to Hire

This step helps determine the need for a new hire, what a superior performer will look like, what it will cost and the process for finding them.  You have to know “what” you are looking for in order to find it.

Step #2: “Attract” –
Recruit and Screen Qualified Candidates

This step focuses on how to find “qualified” candidates. By streamlining this process, you not only limit your time and frustration, but save money as well.

Step #3: “Hire” –
Interview and Select the “Best Fit” Candidate

In this step, emphasis is placed on how to interview final candidates effectively and determine the best candidate for the position.  This process goes beyond the typical interview that sees the obvious in resumes and experience and delves into the internal factors critical to success.

Step #4: “Retain 

Bring Onboard and Develop New Hires

Keeping good staff is the “key” to lowering turnover. Demonstrating to each individual team member their importance to your team and your desire to see them better themselves produces loyalty and appreciation that goes a long way in keeping them long term and productive.

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